Customer Reviews of Our Succulent Italian Dishes

If you want an Italian meal that's fast and inexpensive, Dante's Pizza is your choice. We are a family-friendly restaurant, providing an exclusive kid-friendly menu. Tasty food is assured as we use fresh, homemade ingredients. 

Read below to see what our customers have to say about our wide-ranging Italian dishes! Visit us today and enjoy a delectable Italian meal, served within 20-35 minutes. You can also use our takeout services when you are in a hurry. 
I ordered a large green pepper and mushroom pizza. I asked for the pizza to be ready at 4:15 pm, and they perfectly managed the timing. It was fresh from the oven when I walked back into the restaurant. The pizza was very tasty, with a crisp crust, and fresh vegetables. The sauce was also good, though the crust was the hero. 

- Joe F. 

Great pizza at Dante’s Pizza! It’s a really good bonus material while shopping at Weiland's. Great crust and a good price!

- Dan R.

Great pizza! One of the best in Columbus! A hidden gem!

Yum Yum! This place has been a favorite of my family for many years now. Great pizza, laid-back atmosphere, and good prices! Thumbs up every time! 

- mr. biff


This is one of the best pizzerias in town, and the people working there are very friendly!

- bobbi1283

Dante’s Pizza is one of Clintonville's best-kept secrets. Amazing pizzas at reasonable prices in a simple casual environment!

- Tammy Martin Compton

The best pizza in town! Anytime someone asks where they should get a great pizza, I send them to Dante's Pizza! Christina is the best!

- Amy Strapp

A Clintonville Gem!

In these days of corporate pizza with corporate taste, Dante's Pizza stands out in the pizza world as one of the best pizza places in the city. Old-fashioned service and that great crust make it a true destination restaurant. Did I mention the cold beer? Yummy! Five Stars!

- creative108

Best pizza in Columbus! Even though we now live 20 minutes away, we still get it all the time! There is just nothing like it. It has great flavor and is not greasy like a lot of pizzas here are. My boyfriend loves their pepperoni and homemade sausage, and I prefer the pineapple and ham. Both are awesome! So it’s worth stopping at the ATM before getting the pizza. It’s very cheap too.

- Marianella P.

It was late. Our group of 9 (including 5 kids) were hungry after visiting The Chinese Lantern Festival. We were looking for pizza, but couldn't find one nearby that didn't have a long wait. So we used Yelp, saw the high ratings for this place, and set the navigation towards it. As we pulled into the parking lot, we thought that we had made the wrong choice. I thought it would fall into "just a little hole in the wall" category. But OH MY! 

The pizza was amazing. We couldn't stop eating, and all of us left with hurting stomachs from eating more than we should have. Everyone was super friendly. It felt like small-town service. We’re so excited to have found this gem, and we’ll be going back! Dante’s Pizza only takes cash or check. 

- Becca W.

The best mom and pop pizza in Clintonville! My girlfriend and I tried it just by chance and were immediately hooked. The sauce was just right, not too sweet and not too savory. The cheese was deliciously gooey, and the crust was on point, not too crisp or thin.

- Ashlie G.

I love Dante's Pizza. I no longer live very close, but I work downtown and sometimes pick up a pizza on the way home. Tonight we dined in and had pizza hot out of the oven. The staff is friendly, and the pizza is amazing. They're a neighborhood favorite, and I highly recommend Dante's Pizza!

- Anna P.

Great pizza, people, and atmosphere! We have to eat it every time we come home.

- Emily Mills Ryan McEvoy

I haven't had Dante’s Pizza for 20+ years. I moved out of town but today was close, so I ordered. They did not disappoint. It was good even after an hour drive back home. Great service too at Dante’s Pizza! Everyone obviously loves their work and is good at it!! I’ll be back.

- Sherry Brahler Rice 

The best pizza I have ever had. My family has been going there for 25 years, and I travel from Northern Gahanna just for it.

- Jake McWhirter 

Dante’s Pizza is my favorite place on this planet. Large double cheese with pepperoni, please.

- Rich Tolley

Every time I am in Colombus, I get Dante's Pizza!

- Jessica Lyn
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